How to Attend Seminar Meetings Online or by Phone

Step 1: On the Register for Seminar Meetings page:

  • Provide your email address, enter the answer for the captcha and click Submit
  • Select the meeting(s) you wish to attend and click Add to Cart. Your first meeting is offered as a gift, free of charge, and any following meeting for $50 each, whether the seminar is remote-only, as with the upcoming seminar, or held in-person in the future.

Step 2: Submit fees (if any) by Visa or MasterCard on the Checkout page

Step 3: Your Registration Confirmation email contains:

  • The link to the Sign In to Seminar Broadcasts page
  • Your assigned Username and Password needed for the Sign In to Seminar Broadcasts page
  • Your unique Passcodes for each meeting needed on the Connect to Broadcast page to attend via internet
  • Phone number and Access Code for each meeting to attend on the phone

Step 4: Prepare your computer to attend on the internet and learn about the phone connections using the tips on the Computer and Phone Setup for Seminar Broadcasts page.

Step 5: Be sure to check the time and time zone of the meetings to determine the meeting start time in your location. Here’s a site that converts time zones:

NOTE: If you would like to attend seminars in person that are held at a physical location, please register on-site at the seminar hotel. Remote-only seminars can only be attended online or by phone.