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The Spiritual Path Resides Within You

by Sri Gary Olsen
Current Living Master of MasterPath

Many spiritual seekers are not happy in this outer world of excessive materialism, for no matter how much or how little they acquire, an ever-present emptiness remains. Likewise, the same seekers uneasily sense that they are not in harmony with their own subjective reality, those prevailing thoughts and feelings that constantly follow them in their day-to-day life, whispering messages of either support or the lack thereof. And there are those who, having sensed their lack of fulfillment, have embraced a system of spirituality that has not produced the desired relief, nor adequately taught the means of transcending their personal dilemma. Out of yearning, and sometimes desperation, seekers attempt to find another spiritual doctrine that will put an end to the confusion, or somehow shed some light and meaning upon their own search for spiritual growth.

In attempting to sift through the labyrinth of psychic paths available in the marketplace today, one can become confused and misled with the excess of New Age mania. As a result, the seeker can become wary and suspicious, filled with doubts and skepticism about any path, whether traditional or contemporary. The hope and trust of ever finding some means of escape fades before one's very eyes, and thus, the universal mantra has become: "What doctrine can I really trust? Which teacher or master is actually telling the truth? Where am I to turn, with some degree of provisional faith, in order to find the purest truth about myself?" The spiritual seekers of the world can sometimes wage a needless war of words and doctrines, feeling their enemy is outside themselves, while simultaneously their hearts remain burdened, harmony is fleeting or forever lost, and the fresh breezes of love, power, and wisdom fall to the ground like autumn leaves.    Read more...

Soul's Divine Journey

In this introduction to MasterPath, the Divine Science of Light and Sound, Sat Guru Sri Gary Olsen defines the three essential requirements needed to achieve the heights of spiritual consciousness through the attainments of Self and God Realization - a True Teaching, a True Master, and the True Spiritual Current of Light and Sound. For a free copy of Soul's Divine Journey, order the soft cover book (free shipping) on the Introductory Materials page or read Soul's Divine Journey online.